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Apis IV


The Apis IV is nothing short of delicious quality Quadrupel Ale! First impression of the Apis IV is quite impressive with it's large 750 ml bottle, and wired cork top. Upon reading the label it gets more serious as I notice each bottle is numbered and accounted for. You can tell right off the bat, before even opening this bottle that this beer has a little more meaning to it for the folks from Elevation Beer Company. Turns out the Apis IV is a dedication to the 4 people who dared to turn the dream of Elevation Beer Company into a reality. After reading Elevation's write up on the Apis, it is rightfully devoted being the dreamer's beer. Challenging you to drink big and dream big. Damn, I like that! Do you believe in coincidences? I don't, and for any of you that follow us on Twitter or Facebook you might have seen that just yesterday I wrote, "If you're gonna dream, dream big!" How about that? Now that's what I'm going to do.

The Apis IV releases a pleasant aroma of toffee, honey, and sweet spices that tickle your nose immediately upon popping the cork. The body pours to a mahogany brown tone with a mild off white head. The lacing and cling are a bit thin, but that's probably for the better, with a full taste and backing of 8.7% ABV. This brew sets the bar high for my expectations from Elevation Beer Company. They might just be the thing putting Poncha Springs on the map from here on out for me.

The Apis IV is an inspirational beer designed to be consumed while dreaming up your next great idea, be it on the front porch or around a campfire. With that being said, I will close this one up the same way that Elevation closed on it, "drink big and dream big." 





750 ml

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