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Arctic Zone: Lava Seat – UpaDowna
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Arctic Zone: Lava Seat

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MSRP: $24.99

Fabric: Canvas and Vinyl

Weight: 3.8 lbs

Dimensions: 17"x 1.5" x 13.5"

Sometimes we see gear and other products that seem like it's nothing more than a gimmick. Some might look at the Lava Seat and not think much of it at first, but it clearly has a lot of great uses and a place here in the outdoor market. Think of all the times you are inactively engaged in a sport or activity that you could be resting on a nice heated seat instead of a cold rock or chair. How many times have you gotten up out of your chair to turn your backside to the campfire? You can kiss those days good bye and stay toasty at all ends with Lava Seat from Arctic Zone.

The Lava Seat is a microwaveable reusable heated seat cushion that's great for camping, fishing, or anything else that's going to have you sitting idle. Heat conduction is one of the major ways your body loses warmth. Sitting on a cold rock, bench, seat, or the ground will bring down your temperature faster than you would expect, making a potentially great time less comfortable than it needs to be.  

How it works: The Lava Seat is comprised of two pieces. The exterior canvas sleeve and the microwave insert (Microcore Pack or the Pack). The Pack is removed and placed in the microwave at varying times pending the Watts. Simply remove the Microcore reusable pack from the seat cover and microwave for 2 ½ minutes on each side. Remove carefully and place inside the seat cover and it will stay heated for up to four hours. The Lava Seat comes with complete heating instructions that are easy to follow. 

I took the Lava Seat out and placed it directly on the ground. Nothing between my booty and the cold earth but the Lava Seat. It worked, and it worked well. It held for the full four hours if not a little longer. Yes, it was a lot warmer during the first hour than it was the last few but it was still pleasant and much warmer than the ground. I can't fault the Lave Seat for the temperature loss. You have to factor in ambient air temperatures as well as convection and conduction. Placing a blanket or some other form of insulation between the ground and the Lava Seat will also help to prolong the heat life. 

Another plus is that the "Pack" insert can also be frozen. This doubles the functionality of the Lava Seat now making it a therapeutic cold or hot compress. Hot or frozen do not place the "Pack" directly against your skin!

This Lava Seat is perfect for sporting events, tailgating, fishing, hinting, camping, and so much more. It's a fun piece to have that will get plenty of use.




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