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Audible Ale


After a long day of great football suitable for the history books I can't think of a better way to have enjoyed it than with an Audible Ale, from Red Hook Ale Brewery. Although my beloved 49ers are not moving on and I am now switching over to whiskey to drown out my sorrows, I was glad to enjoy some of Dan Patrick's go to ale today.

The Audible Ale was crafted to be any football fan's go to beer on any given Sunday. After trying it for myself, why not? This pale ale is set at a modest 4.70% ABV that won't put disheartened fans like me into a rage after a tough loss. It has a great mouth feel and taste that is both refreshing and crisp, that will keep you reaching for more. The beer goes down clean, smooth, and very refreshing. You can't say that about all pale ales due to the intense flavors and hop profile some breweries produce, but it tends to hold true with the Audible Ale. After a few ice cold ones today, my only question at the end of the night is why didn't the Niners let Kap run the Audible and bust out in the second half like he did in the first? Well, that's all in the past now like the sticky lacing that still clings to my pint glass reminding of great things, and painful woulda coulda shouldas. 

I've never dedicated a beer to football before, but Audible Ale will be my go to beer all season next year. It might have been my favorite part of the NFC game today when I look back. Thanks for being there for me Audible Ale, I'll see you next season my friend. 




12 oz.

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