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3 – it’s a magic number!!!!

Regardless of the fancy exciting shows I have no doubt we have all seen, survival sucks. It is not a pleasant experience and to truly SURVIVE takes some basic factors of life.. Remaining calm and using your head is by…


Ten Essentials

These are the tried and true essentials for backcountry travel Map -- So you can get where you're going or communicate your location to rescuers. Compass -- Critical for navigation and providing rescuers with your location. Flashlight/headlamp -- Going for…


Gearing up for winter – Head, Hands, and Feet

I've covered legs and torso in previous posts, but how about head, hands, and feet? The extremities are critical- up to half the body's heat lost can occur through the head, for example.  Head The obvious solution for keeping your…



Here is an acronym I had ingrained into my mind while in the military and it still serves me well. S-size up the situation U-undue haste makes waste R-remember where you are V-vanquish fear and panic I-improve your surroundings V-value…


Gearing up for winter – Base and Midlayers

Base Layer Which layers to carry? I'll start from the base layer out and describe a system that works for me. In all but the warmest weather, I'll carry with me lightweight long underwear top and bottom. This base layer,…



Out the birth canal...Yes here it is, the beginning, the christening, the leap of faith. Today is the beginning of the Upadowna blog!! Welcome! First things first. The name, Upadowna defines this blogs purpose. Simply, Up a mountain Down a…

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