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Balega Hidden Contour socks

DESCRIPTION: synthetic running sock
MATERIAL: Polyester, nylon, microfiber, elastane
MSRP: $14


OK I will be the first to admit it, socks are rarely considered sexy. They are often one of the last things that we think about when we think of active wear. But with all of the preaching about “cotton kills” and the push for technical wear, why would socks be a mere afterthought? They are arguably the most used piece of equipment we might have and they really matter when putting in long miles on the trail. We count on them to help preserve our precious feet and help stave off blisters. Simply put they are a necessity to our soft feet!

Fortunately brands like Balega have done a great job of designing socks to complement active lifestyles. I recently received a pair of Hidden: Contour socks and have bee pretty impressed, they fit well, almost embracing my foot, and they do a better than average job of wicking away moisture from my feet.

The fit is snug, almost second skin like and with the variety of weaves and differing stitch patterns the socks are mapped for performance. For runners that deal with swelling feet after miles on the trail, these socks have elastane in key areas through out the sock so that with movement and moisture the socks stay put and have with your foot rather than bunching. Another feature that I noticed was the slight roll of material around the back of the ankle, right where your low cut running shoe meets your foot. This is to help aid in keeping your sock up and not slip sliding into your shoe. For this all I can say is the socks never slipped and whether or not it was due to this “tab” or not I can not say.

For me this socks performed as expected and is a welcome addition to the myriad of sock styles I use for a variety of activities. And while prior to this I was not a fan of the “hidden” style, after trying them I can honestly say I have no idea why I was not.

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