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Barebones Living- Forest Lantern


DESCRIPTION: Size: 6" x 9.5" x 6"
MATERIAL: LED light with steel body
MSRP: $79.99

There’s nothing that says rustic camping to me more than a lantern. With all of today’s technology, there is no need for a candle or oil wick style which is why I’m so keen about this Barebones Living Forest Lantern. After admiring their awesome booth at the Summer Outdoor Retailer 2015 and sending out a couple of tweets about it, Barebones wrote back and said I won a gift. I didn’t know what was coming my way, but after opening this box, I was very excited.

The Forest Lantern has a classic look that makes you feel like a true gold rush miner, with the tech specs of the 21st century. The subtle warm light of the 325 lumens and the soft white glow it produces has a low to high setting. The rechargeable Li-Ion batteries provide a high glow for up to 4 hours while a low glow lasts around 80. While ours was never on that long, we did charge it before a 3 day trip and it did great in low, high and in-between without running out of power or needing to be charged. The lantern never gets hot to the touch and can be recharged with it’s built in USB charger. Cell phone need charging? The Forest Lantern comes with a USB port for that as well!

barebones2Recently, my husband and some friends of ours have purchased some New Mexico property just south of Santa Fe. It is completely off-the-grid, with no wifi, limited cell reception, and away from other people. The perfect little getaway in my mind!


This lantern made it to us just in time for a trip down to NM and boy, did it come in handy! The walkway from the car to the cabin is a bit steep and treacherous, so in the dark, the lantern did a great job lighting the way. We used it mostly for cooking our dinner, since the glow lit up the entire table top and stove area. It was also perfect for lighting up the cabin before bedtime or those late night trips to the outhouse.


With only one switch to control, this lantern is very easy to use. The switch controls on, off, as well as the level of light. The USB cable to recharge the lantern tucks in nice and neat under the base and the cell phone charge port is conveniently located on the back side of the lantern. The top has a great handle to hang on to while walking with it, or, while hanging it in a location that needs light. We’ve found that in the dozens of times we’ve used it in 5 months, the lantern battery only needs to be fully recharged about every 3-4 months.

While our cabin has been empty until warmer weather comes back to the desert, the lantern however has been heavily used as a late night reading lamp and most notably in my son’s sleepover tent in the living room!

Adventure On!



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