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Bear Creek Country Kitchens

It’s lunch time here at UpaDowna Base Camp and we decided to try something a little different. Bear Creek Country Kitchens offers a wide variety of soups, pastas and rice dishes that are easy to make and can even be cooked while camping.

Most of these items we can find in our local grocery store and a majority of their products are available nationwide for right around $5 each (but we found ours were buy one get one free!

Today we tested out the Minestrone Soup. Again, they are so easy to cook and would make a great addition to car camping or backcountry treks if you want to carry an extra 9-11oz. It can pack down to about the size of a normal backcountry bagged meal such as those from outfits like Backpacker’s Pantry.

To cook, we boiled 8 cups of water, or two 32oz Nalgenes. Then whisked the soup in and reduced the heat to simmering for 15 minutes. Since all of the ingredients are dehydrated, the 15 minutes is just enough to rehydrate the items. I allowed the soup to stay warm on low for another 10 minutes or so and it made the soup even better. The soup mixes yield about 8 one cup servings but to fill my belly, especially hiking, I would eat about two cups. One serving (one cup) is around 110 calories for the Minestrone soup.

Its a pretty tasty soup, full of pasta and delicious veggies in a rich beef stock. Sometimes bits of veggies were a little chewy after 15 minutes but cooked all the way after 25 minutes. Can’t wait to try it out while camping!

Bon Appétit!



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