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Belgian White IPA

ABV: 6.0

I know, I know, this weekend’s beer post photo breaks a few of the traditional rules, but hear me out.

This isn’t just some photo of a beer but is a trifecta of amazing Colorado Springs businesses. This is an UpaDowna review of the Goat Patch Belgian White IPA, being served at Good Neighbors Meeting House.

I love being able to support three local businesses in one sitting.

The atmosphere + the flavor of the Belgian White IPA perfectly matched the evening for me. After a day of small house projects and a training run, my wife and I decided to walk down to Good Neighbor to relax and play one of our favorite games (Dutch Blitz). It was a cool walk under a cloudless sky, a kind of night that makes you want to walk for hours. This unfiltered IPA gave me a similar impression. Smooth, fresh, with a fruity hop-forward bite, it had a flavor that says “let’s spend some time together”. I kept picking up hints of coriander and tangelo, mixed with a well-balanced scent that is familiar to Belgian whites.  Similar to the evening sky, the color was a translucent golden yellow, and it danced in the fading light.

All in all, the combination of the company, the location, and the beer made for a wonderful experience.

As a quick shout out to Goat Patch, they are our neighbors at UpaDowna, and they do something amazing through their It Takes a Tribe initiative. You should read more about it, but essentially, as a part of their mission, they partner with two non-profit organizations each year, and for every pint of It Takes a Tribe Red they sell, a patron gets the option to support one of the two non-profits. The exciting thing is that UpaDowna is currently one of the two non-profits! So thank you Goat Patch, and if anyone wants to double their local support, go grab yourself a pint of It Takes a Tribe Red!

That’s all for this review, but remember, get out there and unleash your adventure!


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