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Bells Hopslam

SIZE: 12oz
PRICE:$18/six pack
ABV: 10%

I brought this beer along with me on an ice climbing day trip. Kinda as an après treat and kinda as an excuse to stop sucking wind on the hike out and stop and sip some beer. Nailed it! That malty base with the residual sugars that presumingly come from the honey addition hit the spot. I think Hopslam is a great double IPA. The six different hop varieties and the large dry-hop addition pair really well with the ABV and sweetness. It was no surprise that it was a welcome thirst quencher after running laps on our local frozen waterfall. It is one of the few IPAs that boast stone fruit as a hop aroma that is truly discernible to me. I actually stopped midway on the way out to sit down and finish this beer. Some could argue the real reason I stopped is that I’m fat and slow, but I’m making the case that this time I really got lost in the beer and my surroundings. I have a little motto: Do things outside and drink great beer. Usually that is in the form of a reward, but this time I’m thinking of it as more of a pairing. So if you get your hands on a Hopslam, go outside and enjoy it.

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