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Bertucci A-2T Original Field Watch

MATERIAL: Titanium
WEIGHT:1.9 oz
MSRP: $170.00




The Bertucci Field Watch may very well be the last watch you will ever need to buy, ever! I can say without a doubt that this is the best watch I have ever owned and I have owned a lot of watches.

I have spent countless dollars on watches, some because they are cool looking and some because they claimed to be indestructible and many others because they do all sorts of THINGS. Well, to be honest, you need a watch to do one thing first and foremost and that is to tell time without needing a battery every 10 minutes and not having to read a 1,498 page owners manual. I am not saying multi-function watches don’t serve a purpose I am just saying for me I just want to know what time it is!

I bought my Bertucci years ago before they were readily available at bigger outdoor stores like REI, I had never heard of them but I needed a watch and there was one in front of me for sale in my local gear shop. The gentleman behind the counter said that they made a “damn fine watch” and he was right. I bought both mine and my wife’s in 2005-2006 time frame and man have I beat this thing up! I have taken this watch around the world multiple times and gone through quite a few bands and its still ticking and what’s more is that the lens does not show the abuse. I use the nylon band and I don’t think you can wear one out but they do tend to stink after sweating on them all summer. The bands are easily replaced and inexpensive.

So here is where I will go into all the features of this watch that mattered to me over the past few years.

It’s Titanium, it has a light, it’s water proof, it tells time, the battery last FOREVER, it won’t break……

Any questions?

That is it. Seriously, I don’t know what else to tell you!




Here are all the technical specs from the manufacturer just in case you are wondering.


• Durable U.S. patented matte finish solid titanium case

• Titanium screw down case back

• Hardened sapphire or scratch-resistant hardened mineral glass crystal

• All-metal Japan made quartz movement

• Titanium screw down crown is ergonomically offset at 4 o’clock

• Swiss super luminous hands & markers

• 12/24 hour markings w/ date dial

• Integrated unbreakable titanium band retention lug bars

• 100 M water resistance

• Equipped with durability certified Active Comfort™ high performance bands

• Made in the USA Horween® leather band

• One size fits all – Nylon

• Leather band fits medium to larger

• Model dependent 10 year or 3 year battery life

• 3 year warranty



Ryan Ross
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