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Best Brown Ale

SIZE: 12 oz
ABV: 5.8%


Much like the changing of the leaves during fall, my beer tastes change with fall as well. Few and far between are the IPAs, Pilsners, and Lagers, now I embrace Stouts, Browns, and Porters which brings me to this week’s BOTW. Rich toasted malt and a robust body really bring this brown ale in hard as a heavy hitter in the brown ale category for me. Pouring a dark walnut brown with voluminous head composed of velvety tan bubbles covering a mild carbonation this brown ale is a sweet nutty version that I personally think is a great representation of the style. While the roasted malt is a large part of this beer’s profile, it is a delicate roast and leaves plenty of sweetness and not even a slight hint of acidity or the smoky qualities you get with browns of lesser quality control. Another remarkable thing about this ale is that it has a full almost chewy body that is almost perfect, this beer is not thick like syrup, rather it has the perfect texture that I can’t help but imaging dropping a small scoop of vanilla ice cream into to make this a fantastic desert item as well! As I get closer to the end of the bottle I feel a bit sad that it is almost gone. This particular brown ale has all of the qualities I love in a brown ale but with out the heavy mouthfeel.

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