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Beyond The Horizon


384 pages

Colin Angus lived out his dream through the highs and lows to become the first human to circumnavigate the globe utilizing only human power, and this is his story. With wild adventures of man eating bears in Canada, sub zero Siberian white outs and Russian black market concerns, add to that one of the busiest and most unpredictable hurricane seasons in recorded history and you have the adventure of a life time. Pedaling, hiking, and rowing his was across the globe Colin has firmly planted himself as one of the few real deal world adventurers.

Unfortunately this story, much like Colin's adventure was not with out it's drama. Colin partnered during the majority of the trip was another adventurer named Tim Harvey, who according to Colin was pretty much the worst partner ever, from slacking on the trek, stealing his gear, holding his supplies hostage and publicly bashing Colin in his frequently posted articles. So yeah there was drama, almost to the point of detracting from the story. It was so bad that I remember screaming through the first hundred pages or so of this nearly 400 page book with out thinking twice and then subsequently wishing all of the "team drama" would end. And the story about the adventure would continue, after all that is why I was reading it.

Nonetheless this story was a great one, especially as Colin was able to weave a great tale that brings his adventure to life. For anyone that has had an adventure or dreamed of having the trip of a life time this book is a must read.

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