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Big Agnes: Summit Park 15


  • Weight: 3 lbs 10 oz
  • Fill: 600 Fill Goose Down
  • Rating: 15°F
  • MSRP: $339.95

I've struggled with finding a sleeping bag that actually fits me comfortably for years. Often sleeping bags feel like wearing a shirt one or two sizes too small for me. Some people are into the whole "smedium" thing, but I'm not one of them. Adding to that, I'm especially not a fan of it when I'm trying to sleep. A restricting bag just isn't my thing.

 I absolutely love sleeping under the stars. It's by far the best rest I get, but doing it in a sleeping bag that fits more like saran-wrap is just not enjoyable. It wasn't much of a surprise to me that the answer to my woes would come from "the mother of comfort" Big Agnes. They have been known over the years for making a product that not only meets the masses of consumers, but for going one step further and making products for larger framed individuals as well. If you are new to the outdoor industry or just unaware let me tell you from personal experience that's not very common. Most companies make a product that fits a set size of individuals and they don't expand their lines much past that. I'm not saying that other sleeping bags out there aren't comfortable, they're just not all made equally. Big Agnes uses designs that allow you more room to roll around in your bag and move freely inside of it without sacrificing warmth. They have a unique sleep system that also pairs with most sleeping pads that keeps you comfortably snug in your bag while rolling inside of it, opposed to you and the bag moving around as one all night long getting you twisted and tangled up.    

My overall impression on this bag was pretty high. The bag is roomy, very comfortable, and I've yet to have a cold night in it. I've even pushed it a good 10 degrees below the rated temperature. A lot of people get caught up on Big Agnes bags over the noninsulated bottom side of the bag. They are designed this way to fit a sleeping pad inside of the bag in the designated sleeve, which securely keeps the bag and the sleeping pad functioning as one unit. Your body's heat through conduction keeps the area and the sleeping pad warm. Because of this sleeve the heat stays trapped as you are securely on the pad the entire time. Big Agnes also uses the Insotect Flow Technology in the Summit Park 15. This technology controls the movement of the down inside the vertical baffles, which eliminates cold spots created by shifting. This is done through a series of flow gates placed throughout the bag in vertical and horizontal chambers keeping the 600 Fill Down in place. 

Another feature I enjoyed of the Summit Park 15 is the is the built in fleece pillow pocket. A lot of folks would look this feature over and not think too much about it. Well, if you're one of those people here's why I like it. I find this feature great not for when I have a pillow, but when I don't have a pillow. More often than not I don't take a pillow with me on backpacking trips unless it's an inflatable so it can break down. By having this controlled pillow pocket area you can ball up or fold soft goods or clothing and place in said pocket and you now have a pillow. Yes you can do this without the pocket, but if you move around at all during the night you're most likely going to deconstruct your pillow and have to reconfigure it in the middle of the night or go without. The pocket keeps it trapped and under your head where it's suppose to be, and it's the little things like that, that can make all the difference in having a good night's sleep.

The Big Agnes Summit Park Series 15 is a very well rounded bag. It's a bit on the large size and takes up some room when packing, but the weight is still on the lighter side. I loved the roominess of the bag and the freedom to move around inside that came with it. A great addition is how well the bag performs under its rated temp. Don't get carried away with this, but at the same point don't fret over a few degrees. I also really appreciate that Big Agnes didn't pull a monopoly on the bag and constructed the inner sleeping pad pocket to fit pads of all makes and various sizes.



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