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Bison Designs-Stretch Cord Lead for Dogs – UpaDowna
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Bison Designs-Stretch Cord Lead for Dogs

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  • MSRP: $17.50
  • Materials: Strong 1"wide nylon webbing, Bison's Stretch Control webbing
  • Length: 6' (4' also available)

So I've been having this issue. I run with my dog. Well, that's not the issue…figuring out how to run with my dog is. Either I'm not happy or she's not happy. She pulls, I pull, and around and around we go. See, I'm new to this…lately I've gotten a little motivated to run more and I thought it would be cool to take my dog along. So many people do it, so why can't I? Its great exercise for her (and me as well I guess). I've always used this homemade leash we threw together out of old climbing rope and a carabiner. Perfect right? We reused something, it looks cool and, lasts a really long time. The only thing is that it basically rips my skin off every time the dog runs. She is a super dog. The amount of force she uses to pull me behind her could single handedly pull a dog sled and win the Iditarod. I run in fairly populated trail areas so I'm not about to let my dog off the leash and have her act a fool with other runners, dogs and cyclists around. I'm not that girl. So…the leash just wasn't cutting it and as I roamed around Outdoor Retailer last week on my "free time", I stopped into Bison Designs to take a look.

Bison Designs Stretch Control Lead. Photo: Bison Designs

Bison was nice enough to show me some options and talk about their products (not for sure about the rest of their products but they manufacture all of their belts in Longmont, Colorado). They also sent me home with a sample! Today, after the snow melted from our last "storm", it was 50 degrees out so the dog and my son and I decided to take a leisurely jog through the park. HA! I say "leisurely" but my dog Aster was thinking "IDITAROD" the whole stinking time. Anyways, immediately I was impressed by how the lead handle stretched nicely and didn't allow her to yank or pull my arm out of the socket. The handle is engineered for the right amount of elasticity to achieve maximum control and comfort. The only time I did feel the entire handle stretch was if she chased a bird or her shadow. The handle is soft and wide enough that it wasn't creating hot spots or blisters on my hand like the climbing rope did. This time I actually wanted to use the lead! Sometimes, I want to just let that dog loose and pretend like I don't know who she is but…something about this lead made me proud to say, "Hey, this is my dog and she looks damn fine in this collar and lead and by golly…I even like running with her while it's on!"

Not only is the stretch lead a pleasure to run with, she looks good in it too!

Check out all the cool options Bison Designs offers!

 This lead was a little long to run with and it is rated as a "casual" leash but it worked great for the activity we were doing!  I prefer around a 4' lead and I am also looking for one to possibly use around the waist…but first we have to get that Iditarod OUT of her little puppy head!

Adventure On!



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