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Bitter American

After my pledge a few weeks ago to stay away IPAs for a bit I was jonesing for some hop love and was having a tough go finding a beer that spoke to me for this weeks BOTW. Fortunately I have some good buddies that brought a few of these beautiful cans of delicious beer back for me. The Bitter American is a light bodied beer with amazing flavor that was hoppy enough to satisfy my desires.

21st Amendment is a brewery that has not yet made the push into the great state of Colorado…however we hope they’ll figure it out and make the push soon! This week I went all in with the Bitter American. This American Pale Ale has a moderate 42 IBU and a sessionable 4.4% ABV which means it is a real session beer that lends itself to those of us that like hoppy beers.

The dusky amber color is topped with a nice full thin ghost white head and a delicate aroma that more than once had me wondering if I was drinking a bigger beer. The moderate IBUs were not all that this beer was offering, in fact there was a nice balance of malt that really brought this beer full circle. Beers like this are exactly why the craft industry exists. To bring great flavor to the beer world in an easily drinkable flavorful ale. The Bitter American is good to the last drop sessionable American pale ale and I really did enjoy this beer and I hope to sample a few more in coming weeks.



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