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Black Butte Porter


Somehow or another recently we have been over doing the IPAs by accident. Completely unintentional I promise. We caught onto this and switched it up this week. I have to say to, it came at a good time with this unexpected late snow we are getting here in Colorado. A warmer bodied beer was a nice switch and quite fitting. 

The Black Butte Porter from Deschutes Brewery pours to a rich dark brown mahogany colored body with a medium built mocha colored head that quickly recedes. On the smell I get sweet hints of chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar I'm guessing, that make for an inviting aroma. A richer taste of coffee meets you at the front of the drink, but quickly makes room for the sweet hop blend to follow. The feel is full and rich with a light carbonation. You'll notice a slight sticky feeling from the lacing, but it doesn't overpower or feel to clingy on the mouth.

The slogan on the bottles read "Crafted For Explorers". I don't know about you, but I like that little side note. Well done Deschutes Brewery keep up the great work!





12 oz.

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