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Black Iron IPA

Nothing takes the sting off of a hot desert day than a nice ice cold beer. And for this week’s BOTW I chose the Black Iron IPA from Grand Canyon Brewery. Before you read any further, know that this is NOT a Black IPA, it is a standard IPA, which threw me off with the name, but the reality is I shoulda known better. Oh well.

The Black Iron was brewed with a decent amount of hops ,which is indicative of an IPA, but it also has a fair amount of malt sweetness to balance it all out. If you are a true hop head this beer will come across more like a pale ale that a crisp IPA. But at the end of the day nothing is as ready to cool the heat that an ice cold beer! When Grand Canyon Brewery named this IPA they were wanting to pay homage to the history of the rail industry in the region and to the steel rails that brought people to the Grand Canyon starting way back in 1901.

This beer steams in at 6.5% and presents with a light and crisp profile, all capped off with a light lacy head, unfortunately the beer ends up with a bitter almost tinny taste that is just beyond my preference. In addition the beer has a few other little nuances that were not really hitting it for me. I could not really get into this beer due to it’s lack for real charter or strong identifiable style. And while I really wanted this to rock it for me, I have to say it was simply another IPA, nothing fancy or extra-ordinary, just meh. I guess, you can’t win them all!

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