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Blackberry Fruitstand

SIZE: 750ml
ABV: 5.5%

In case it isn’t blatantly obvious, I think Casey Brewing and Blending makes fantastic beer. The Fruitstands are no exception. Taking an awesome farmhouse (funky &  lightly acidic beer) and overdosing it with Colorado grown fruit works. Who would’ve guessed? The Montmorency Fruitstand is by far my favorite. The light spiciness added by that varietal really excites me. Blackberry is no slouch though. It is a more subdued flavor in my opinion. The benefit to this, I’m finding out, is it lets the saison base really shine through. This base beer and added blackberries really compliment each other. There is a light blackberry jam aroma. It isn’t in your face. It’s like someone in the other room is spreading jam on toast and the smell wanders into your nostrils. At the end of the aroma, right as the beer is about to hit your lips, the saison funk is prominent. The taste reminds me of fresh squeezed lemonade but with blackberries instead. There is that acidity and refreshing quality that blend with the base beer so well. Overall a wonderful beer and another fantastic Casey beer.

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