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Blood Orange Saison

SIZE: 12 oz.
ABV: 6.0%

As August closes out with another warm day a cold refreshing beer sounded like a great idea. As I sat around studying maps and routing out a future trip I delightfully indulged in a new and unique beer from Upslope Brewing Company, Blood Orange Saison. Well, I was looking for a beer unlike others and I definitely found that with this one.

The Blood Orange Saison pours to a much lighter gold tone than I expected it to, with a medium frothy white head. The taste is packed full of fruity citrus spices. Fresh Blood Oranges and Mandarina Bavaria Hops provide bold, crisp, and juicy flavors. The IBU rating on this one rings in at 25 on the scale and has an ABV of 6%. Nothing hard about drinking this beer, it goes down quick and easy.

Now my thirst is quenched and my next trip is planned, I guess it’s time to have another beer. The Blood Orange Saison is a very well balanced beer with a lot of flavor that you won’t soon forget.



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