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Boater Beer


SIZE: 16 oz.
ABV: 4.5%

The heat of the day here in Colorado Springs was quickly washed away with a mid-afternoon storm, where I found myself under a covered porch with one of my best friends talking beer, adventures, camping and trail mishaps, along with all things to come.

The first pick of the day was the Boater Beer from Eddyline Brewing. This 4.5 % ABV craft lager was a crisply refreshing drinker perfect for the warm weather or waiting out the rain. The Boater Beer poured to a luminous yellow with a very thin white head that quickly dissipated, leaving little lacing behind. People seem to be a little harsh when it comes to this beer, but in my opinion Eddyline hit it right on the head, it’s just your typical good old German Pilsner. The Boater Beer is light and refreshing. This is a beer I would definitely carry in my pack up any trail, or take along on a float trip. Keeping it simple, it’s a flat-out easy drinking, refreshing beer that goes down easy, almost too easy. Every sip of this beer screams warm weather and adventure to me. This Pils is available year round, so don’t hesitate to refresh with this one anytime of year. I appreciate that Eddyline didn’t do anything overboard with this one. The Boater Beer was the exact beer I was looking for today. Thanks Stevie T. for the fun chat and grabbing the beer this week. Cheers!

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