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BOTW- Death by coconut

SIZE: 12oz
ABV: 6.5%

It’s hard dealing with the battle between a weak almost non existent winter and the impending summer that so many of us have been experiencing. Trust me, having a delicious porter like this does not help! Porters are usually reserved by my tastebuds for cold temps and  evenings where calories are king due to the bodies desperate need to replenish from laps on the snow, well that and the warm embrace these robust beers offer. Well, if I were to be honest this beer is a bit of an anomaly for me, I was looking for a stout and after much deliberation this jumped out at me like a half crazed jungle cat. Or perhaps due to a chance run in with a buddy at the package store and him mentioning it in passing….whatever.

Anywho, here I sit, very pleased with this medium bodied slightly sweet Irish Porter that does an amazing job of balancing coconut and chocolate with a mild dry malt and an amazing palate pleasing flow. Oskar Blues does such an amazing job of blending the flavor profiles that please the usually hop leaning tastebuds I have, as well as the sweet and smooth tastebuds of my wife. While this beer may not be one that you come running for after a day of high exertion, and it is most certainly not of a style that would qualify as a “sports drink” it is a nice proper that is mellow subtly sweet and full of flavor that most certainly garners a conversation that would no doubt move past a single word descriptor.

I googled this next bit:

Oskar Blues Death By Coconut was first introduced during Colorado Craft Beer Week in March of 2014. The beer is a collaboration with Oskar Blue’s Jason Buehler, and Shamrock Brewing Co.’s Keith Hefley. The base beer is an Irish porter, aged on dried coconut and dark chocolate.


Carry on and enjoy the week, more to come next weekend!


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