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BOTW – East Coast Transplant


SIZE: 16 oz 4-pack cans
ABV: 8.5%

Just two weeks ago I was musing, “This winter could do with a bit more snow”, and this weekend I got exactly what I asked for. With the fresh snow came nature’s invite to get up into the mountains, and I couldn’t refuse. It was my first time out this year (judgement welcome), but it felt so good to hit the slopes. After a few hours of beautiful weather, fresh tracks, and intense quad burn, I headed back to the Springs and grabbed a 4-pack of “recovery drinks.”

This week’s beer is one that I hadn’t seen before, and what drew me in first was the label. The combination of the colors, the flat design layout, and the clean typography drew me in right away. The East Coast Transplant comes from New Image Brewing in Arvada, CO. It is a Vermont Style Double IPA, and it lives up to its description of “absurdly hoppy, hazy as hell and incredibly smooth to drink”. It is a really smooth beer, and the haze was so palpable it had a mouthfeel close to that of a fine pulp orange juice. There is a good amount of hop to it, but it wasn’t as bitter as I was expecting from a beer labelled “absurdly hoppy”. The fruit taste cuts down on the bitterness, and the peach and orange notes hit just right to keep it from biting your tongue.

You can see in the picture that there is quite a tall head on the beer, but that is likely due to my pouring technique. A fellow Crossfit SOCO’er sent me and article/video about how pouring your beer can lead to a stomach ache (you can watch it here), so I aimed to release more of the carbonation this time around. I’m happy to report no stomach ache, so note to you beer enthusiasts, this actually works!

That wraps up this review, but all-in-all, I’d highly recommend giving the East Coast Transplant a try. I know you can find it down at Coaltrain in Colorado Springs right now, along with a few of New Image’s other beers (including a Kombucha Brett Saison!?!), but I’m not sure how long they will be down there! Thanks everyone, and remember, get out there and unleash your adventure!

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