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BOTW- Viejo Rojo

SIZE: 16 oz
ABV: 7.0 %

A friend of mine surprised me with this little gem from California, but he gave me no isight into it. No suggestions, no details, no nothing, he simply handed me the beer and said let me know what you think. This beer is an effervescent, almost like sparkling water or a mimosa that has strong citrus notes and a really nice finish that keeps you intrigued. After each sip I went through this odd cycle of confusion for the lingering taste was nothing like the initial experience. The beer was crisp and acidic, almost too bitter and then it mellowed and the flavors opened up revealing a bit more delicate complexity than I was prepared for. I seriously had to go to a quite room and just sit there take a sip and pause. I needed to be calm with no other input so that I could try and fully understand what this beer was all about. In fact, if I had not read about the blueberries, there’s a really good chance I still be trying to figure out the subtle flavor that kept teasing me and then quickly disappearing.

I guess I should tell you this is a Wild Ale (think Lambic but from California), and should be looked to at as a gateway into the realm of Sours. The strength of the lemony citrus burst from first sip will no doubt catch you off guard, but then the cherries, blueberries, and full two years this ale spent aging in the oak cabernet barrels mellow the bite and you’re left with a wonderful experience which if you’re anything like me will leave you eager for the next Tahoe Mountain Brewery experience.

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