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Bristol Scotch Ale


Big rich roasted malts and a sweet finish create a fantastic Scottish serenade in Bristol Brewing Company‘s seasonal Scotch Ale. Already one of my favorite beers that our local brewery produces. And it only gets better with age as the bottle conditioning really creates amazing depth. Descriptors like “rich” are thrown around a lot this time of year as big malt forward beers come out in time for the cooling temperatures, but when I use it to describe the malt power of this Scotch ale I really mean it. It is rich like carrot cake with just a hint of spice late in the game. In fact, this is almost tempting me to call it a dessert beer due to the sweet finish after such a hearty introduction.

Bristol Brewing Company has settled in nicely to their new digs in the old Ivywild school here in Colorado Springs, CO and their beers are really booming in complexity and style. While this Scotch Ale has been around for a bit, it is always a great launch into the fall. At 8% ABV this beer is a nice and robust and makes for a great companion for back porch sipping on a cool evening. If you want one of these awesome full bodied Scotch ales you better act fast because it wont last long. Available in the brewery and by the bomber in liquor stores around the great state of Colorado.



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