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Brooks Range Cirro Jacket


Weight: 12.4oz

MSRP: $189

Fashion and function rarely actually meet up in the outdoors and often times when they do I have no clue about it. I tend to deviate to the functional side of things rather than the fashionable stuff simply because I look at most things as tools, tools to get me where I want to go in the hills. The Cirro jacket from Brooks Range was designed to be used as a tool, it is simply an added bonus that this Primaloft One insulated "micro-puffy" jacket is also pretty slick looking as well.

Weighing in at just over 12 ounces this hooded jacket is light and extremely packable so you have no excuse not to have it with you for all four seasons. Sure during the super cold months you will want additional layers but for aerobic adventures this jacket is the money shot. The Cirro is one of those smartly designed jackets that you can tell was designed by folks that actually feel the same way as us when it comes to gear, features like a chest pocket and the double zipper for harness manipulation scream thought out design. Although I have to say that the inner material was stitched in a way that when you put it on it tends to puff out under the cuff, making it necessary to re-stuff the material inside the sleeve of the jacket.

On the fashion side I think that it would work as well at the pub as in the backcountry although the sheen of it is a bit reminiscent of a trash bag. But like I said maybe this is the "hip" thing. On the practical side of it the loft is ample enough to keep you warm and with the helmet compatibility there is no need to worry about switching jackets should the weather change while climbing. Another thing of note is that since this jacket features double zippers you can easily belay with out having to open the jacket all the way up, simply un zip it a bit from the base.

Given the light weight and obvious ample design consideration for functionality in the hills I think this jacket is a great example of what a marriage between technology and style can be. 


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