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CamelBak Groove Insulated Bottle – UpaDowna
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CamelBak Groove Insulated Bottle

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  • MSRP $30.00
  • Hydration Capacity: 20 oz (.6 L)
  • 100% BPA-Free
  • Big Bite Valve Material: medical grade silicone
  • Straw Material: BPA-Free
  • Bottle Material: BPA-Free Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester. Tritan makes the CamelBak Groove clear, vibrant, durable, dishwasher safe and 100% BPA-Free.
  • Filter Material: Plant-based carbon

Scary Bottled Water Facts:

  • 20 billion bottles of water are sold each year in the United States
  • Most bottles end up at the landfill
  • It cost up to 2,000 times what tap water cost to drink

A simple spin on a popular product, the CamelBak Groove Insulated Bottle saves you tons of money and keeps your tap water fresh and cold. With it's plant-based carbon filter, tainted tap water taste be gone! For me though, I couldn't taste the difference.

This bottle has a great handle that can be used for clipping on a carabiner, yet it's not quite slim enough to fit into a bike bottle cage. I've used this bottle on many trips and it has kept my water tasty and cold for quite a while. It is only 20oz, so I've used it for shorter hikes only. If you are a person that has to drink bottled water, this is a greener and cheaper solution for you. The filter does a great job and it is good for about 3 months, 300 refills or 6,000oz (177 liters). Using the Groove Insulated Bottle compared to regular 20oz bottles of water that cost $1.19, you'd be saving close to $66 in 3 months (and saving 300 bottles from the trash). Sounds like a good choice to me!

A couple of "Groove-y" facts:

  • You can put ice in it
  • It should be used only for filtering potable tap water
  • Certified to reduce Chlorine taste and odor.
  • A recent study by Pepperdine University revealed that people who drink from CamelBak Bottles drink up to 24% more water than people who drink from other reusable bottles or plastic disposable bottles. 

So far, this bottle has been my go-to when I am on the go during the day. I love being able to fill it up with cold water and know that it's going to stay that way. It fits conveniently into any water bottle pocket on all of my packs, even my laptop bag. I just hope they come out with one that has more capacity, I drink it down too fast!

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