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Casey Brewing and Blending “Leaner”

SIZE: 750ml
ABV: 8%

My wife and I were picking cherries with Troy Casey, head brewer of Casey Brewing and Blending, when this beer’s name was conceived.  We were eating these amazing stone fruits from the same orchard we were picking cherries from and learned of this term from the farmer.  The name comes from a peach that is so juicy you have to lean forward to avoid getting any juice on you, hence, “Leaner”. This beer is a collaboration with Side Project Brewing. Troy brewed a higher gravity version of his saison, aged it on 3 pounds per gallon of peaches and then fermented it with a mixed culture consisting of his and Side Project’s. Having had a few Side Project beers, it was cool to see their flavors come through and blend with Troy’s. The most noticeable flavor is the additional tartness in this beer versus his normal saison. The 3 pounds per gallon comes through proudly. Definitely one of the juicier beers Troy has ever produced. This beer pours surprisingly clear and has bright funky acidity that hits your nose first and really shines on the finish. The carbonation adds a lightness to the peach flavor that remind me of a carbonated yerba mate. What a cool beer and a great collaboration. There are more of them in the works and we can’t wait.

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