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Casey Family Preserve – Plum

SIZE: 750 ml
ABV: 6 %

About the closest thing to opening the fridge, then opening a can of jam and drinking it, is the Casey Family Preserve series from Casey Brewing and Blending. If you’re in the club then you know. If you’re not in the club, then you’re missing out on the best beer Colorado is producing right now and a monthly reason to head to Glenwood Springs. Troy Casey produces these funky and fruity saisons, and other Belgian inspired beers in an old crossfit building in Glenwood. You can tell it’s an old crossfit building by the scantily clad people that accidentally wander in there eating pounds of bacon and preaching to you. Seriously though, Troy is a witch. He makes crazy good beers. It might have something to do with the level of care he puts in them. I’m not saying other brewers don’t care. I mean some don’t and it’s obvious, but I would be hard pressed to find someone that cares as much as Troy. This shows in every beer he makes with Plum Family Preserves being no exception. Every aspect of this beer is what you want. The color is too pretty to drink. The 2.4 lbs of fruit per gallon assault your tastebuds, and the perfect tartness at the end leaves you wanting a case of this beer. If Troy was a musician I’d be throwing my panties at him.

The Beta

It’s not a club, it’s a family

If you are at a bottleshare and see this beer then hover close. Don’t open it. Don’t be that jack wagon, just hover. . . closely

Pairs well with the satisfaction of knowing you drink better beers than most

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