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Human BlockHead

Photo:Good evening everyone! Another long week and another long weekend are now in the history books. I'm hoping to go watch the 49ers beat up on the Saints tonight, but if it doesn't happen at least I have some of…


Hades Ale

Photo:I need a couple of coins to ferry across the River Styx, because I'm loving me some Hades! Despite the name there is nothing mythological about this brew, and I'm glad I don't have to travel to the Underworld to…


Rye Porter

Photo:This week our search for a Beer Of The Week(end) took us 20 miles west of Denver to the Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs. Every good BOTW should start out with a picture that needs some explanation. This is Mic,…


Pabst Blue Ribbon

Photo: Finally something to look forward to on Mondays while we wait for the NFL to kick off, other than badgering your friends and co-workers over their drunken weekend escapades. Inspired by our friends from BeerTapTV and the huge shout…

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