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Pumpkin Patch Ale

Photo: Another easy drinking Pumpkin Ale comes to us from the resourceful folks at Rogue Ales. The Pumpkin Patch Ale from Rogue is a proud product of the Rogue Farms Grow The Revolution run. Boasting on the bottle their "GYO"…


Imperial Pumpkin

Photo: It's that time of year once again, pumpkins are being picked and spices are being selected all over for these tasty seasonal ales. Other recent beers from Dry Dock have caught our attention, so when I saw this Imperial…


Pumpkin Lager

Photo: I know we do a lot of Pumpkin Style Ale from Halloween to November, but these seasonals are almost gone and I love them so much. So, please bare with me for another great one. The Pumpkin Lager Beer…


Pumpkin Patch

Photo: Eddyline is quickly becoming one of my favorite breweries, especially with the release of their Pumpkin Patch ale. As with all of this Buena Vista, CO based brewery's offerings the limited release Pumpkin Patch is offered in 4 packs…

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