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Winter Camping- Van Life

This past weekend, we were invited to stay at a friend's cabin which is in the footprint of Humboldt Peak. We accepted the invite, but refused to stay in the cabin. That's right, we camped in the van, our first…


Cowboy Spaghetti

Some of the best recipes are created on the whim with whatever is on hand and a little creativity. Well, my most recent camping dinner was no different. After a long day of hiking under the desert sun we needed…


Montana or Bust: Days 4,5,6

Wednesday: Flowing Rivers, Flowing Brews!  In order to get in as much driving during the day as possible, we have an understanding as a family that we must get up, and get moving! We enjoyed some quick coffee and instant…


Montana or Bust: Day 2 & 3

Monday: Jackalopes, Jackson and Just plain stuck in the mud... Sinclair, WY- Lander, WY - Jackson, WY Sinclair to Lander was absolutely beautiful, even if it was only green sagebrush and blue sky, it's so refreshing not to see even…


Wheeler Geologic Area

Five years in the making, but I got it done! Five years in the making, but I got it done! Five years in the making, but I finally did it! Five years in the making, but I finally did it!…


13 Year Old Boy Attacked By Bear

Sad news for both a boy and a trash aware black bear as the boy sits recovering in a hospital and the bear lies in the morgue. This is a story you should all read and be aware of because…

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