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Where The Yellowstone Goes – Movie Release

For anyone that has breathed deep the fresh air of the wild lands, or wet a line in the calm morning hours simply enjoying the serenity of being will no doubt be completely entranced and hopefully motivated by this amazing…


Project Healing Waters/F3T Reminder

    Attention Colorado Springs and surrounding area locals: If you're not doing anything this Friday night please stop by the Blacksheep and support the Fly Fishing Film Tour. If you come out Friday night you'll be doing so much…


Save Our Wild Salmon!

We've been on a roll this spring with some great energy focused on fishing. From the recent Eastern Rises teaser to the Fly Fishing World Tour and now we are adding one more awesome video to the pot. Our great…


Eastern Rises

The other day at the gym, my friends Doug and Mike gave me the heads up on an awesome movie released last year called, "Eastern Rises" produced by Felt Soul Media. It's a beautifully shot fly fishing adventure that takes…


2011 Fly Fishing Film Tour

Presented by Costa, The 2011 Fly Fishing Film Tour (or F3T) will be back in Colorado Springs!!! For one night only, The Blacksheep is graciously hosting this event and opening their doors at 6 P.M. to welcome anglers of all…


BLM “Wild Lands” Legislation!!

Pretty sweet to see politicians do something other than bitch about things. Although as you read through this I am sure you will have plenty of questions as to accessibility and to whether or not this will end up being…


The Fly Fishing Film Tour

The Fly Fishing Film Tour focuses on action adventure excitement humor and lifestyle. We will take you on the journey to see what it takes to be truly committed, or insane, by those who capture the new revolution of fly…

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