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Times Like These = Lazy Bowl Of Chubbiness

Although Summer has just officially begun (June 21), I feel like we are on the downward slide. Slipping into shorter days with delusions of colder weather on the horizon, it will in fact get warmer yet! I am not sure…


Back From Beyond

Finally the time has come!! This past weekend I was able to take my Mountain Field Studies students out into the Lost Creek Wilderness. Lets face it, sitting in a classroom trying to explain the outdoors is a bit silly,…


Backcountry Coffee

One of the lifelong battles coffee fiends have is how to make a decent cup of joe in the backcountry. I love the taste of a fresh cup of coffee in the early morning regardless of where I am, especially…


Outward Bound Instructor Dies During Trip

Travis Lizotte a 25 year old Outward Bound instructor died tragically when an ice bridge he and his team were crossing collapsed while attempting to summit Mount Tronador near Bariloche, Argentina. The Outward Bound 72 day course was attended by…


Weapons In The Backcountry

For over 25 years the Department of the Interior has held up a law that keeps concealed weapons out of our National Parks. Primarily set up as a means to keep National Parks safer by keeping weapons out of them…


Book Review: The Complete Walker IV

  The quintessential gear guide, often referred to as the "Hikers Bible". Although gear evolves at a lightening fast pace, Colin Fletcher and Chip Rawlins do a great job of compiling a great resource for those that can't get enough…


Gearing up for winter – Layering

Regardless of the activity you plan on enjoying over these cold winter months you should look at your gear stash and figure out what is useful and what can be stored until the warmth of the spring returns. The major…


Ten Essentials

These are the tried and true essentials for backcountry travel Map -- So you can get where you're going or communicate your location to rescuers. Compass -- Critical for navigation and providing rescuers with your location. Flashlight/headlamp -- Going for…

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