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Pace your Adventure

Recently with all of the press about Scott Jurek's super speedy thru of the AT I have been thinking a bit about the pace of adventure. There has been much debate about if speedy adventurers "see" the beauty of…


Why Slide the City?

One year ago in 2014, a little unknown event called "Slide the City" started. I saw a picture of it posted on my friend's Facebook wall. She had gone to the event in Slide's hometown of Salt Lake City, it's…


The Incredible Vodka

Grain, rye, potato, wheat, grape, molasses, sugar cane, and on and on Vodka has many types of base and flavors making it great for all kinds of drinks and suitable for people with dietary restrictions. Other than delicious drinks like…


Shaky Ground

A little over a week ago an article on the web caught my eye about animals fleeing Yellowstone National Park. Some might not think too much about something like this, but throughout history, animals seem to be sensitive to disasters…

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