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Pace your Adventure

Recently with all of the press about Scott Jurek's super speedy thru of the AT I have been thinking a bit about the pace of adventure. There has been much debate about if speedy adventurers "see" the beauty of…


UpaDowna @ CRC Social Run

Main Image:Event Description: Join us for a fun, easy and casual social run at The Colorado Running Company! Come at 5:30 for a free gait analysis and learn the basics about GREAT running shoes! Then at 6, we'll head out…


Have Fun Running…But It May Kill You

There has been a ton of press lately about the potential negative effects of running distances on your longevity. Outside Magazine and the Wall Street Journal are among the most recent to have recently featured articles discussing how many endurance athletes…



Ran a few good miles yesterday and pulled a total rookie move, yep I forgot my head lamp and man does it get dark in the forest!!! Add to the darkness the snow and ice and well things can get…

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