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A Cold Six

After six freezing nights in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA. hiker Debra Collins is found alive. Debra Collins left her home in Felton, CA. on Nov. 28 on what should have been a normal day hike for the 59…


Victorinox SwissTool

Weight: 10 oz Length: 4.5" MSRP: $109 Built on a platform long heralded as the knife of the Swiss Army, the Victorinox SwissTool does not disappoint. Chock full of features, this stainless steel multi-tool has found a way to impress…


Another Dumb-Ass Flatlander Proves Darwin Right

Tonight I feel a cold coming on, the seasonal, yep welcome-to-winter-runnynose-cough-and-generally-miserable-feeling-cold. I don't often get sick but sure as shit every winter I'll get the bug. And I'll be the first to admit I am a lousy sick person. I…


127 Hours – The Aron Ralston Story

Most, if not all of you know the story of Aron Ralston. You know the guy who hacked his own arm off with a dull multi-tool after finding himself pinned deep inside Utah's Blue John canyon. Everything about this story…


Late Avalanche

Vail Mountain Rescue Group, Summit County Rescue Group, Alpine Rescue Team, and an Army Blackhawk helicopter, were all on the scene Saturday after two men snowboarding triggered an avalanche on Tenmile Peak, near Breckenridge. One of the the men suffered…

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