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The 10 Essentials

Recently we went on a hike to Spruce Mountain Open Space in Larkspur, Colorado. While there, we discussed the 10 Essentials with our group of awesome hikers. Here's the "updated" list from the original group who developed the list, The…


Unseen Danger

When setting out for any outdoor adventure or any adventure for that matter, there are always dangers and risks involved. When thinking of the outdoors and camping most people immediately think of bears, mountain lions, snakes, falls, rushing water, lightning,…


Winter Camping- Van Life

This past weekend, we were invited to stay at a friend's cabin which is in the footprint of Humboldt Peak. We accepted the invite, but refused to stay in the cabin. That's right, we camped in the van, our first…


Ditch The Tent!

Are you possibly looking to shed a few quick pounds? Before we go any further I'll let you know that I am referring to pack weight and not a diet or workout. Well, here's a tip for you ditch the…


Ultimate Survival #4

Paracord has become quite the trend. You can find it everywhere now a days from Souvenir Shops to Technical Gear Stores. As trendy as it may be it has earned its place time and time again as an invaluable piece…


Ultimate Survival #3

Here at UpaDowna we are all about making a little bit of money go a long way. One of the best examples of spreading your dollar and improvising gear is the trash bag. This over looked unsung hero is great…


Ultimate Survival #2

Over the next few months or so I am going to write a bit about some amazing survival technices and items that could be ultimately used to save your life.  Some of you may know this, some of you may…


Tip Of The Day: Scavenge

In a survival situation you might find yourself eating things that you normally wouldn't find too appetizing. But when you're starving, hunger can make you do some surprising things. In a life or death situation it's key to find food…


Winter Play With Kids

It's the first real snow we've seen here in Colorado Springs, CO, and while the Sun is out now, it's still very cold out. Many of you are excited to take your little ones out and play, and you should…

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