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MSR Denali Evo Ascent Snowshoes

MSR Denali Evo Ascent Size: 8” x 22”  (optional 6" tail sold separately) Weight: 3.5 lbs MSRP: $199 (2007) Ever so often a gear company finds a revolutionary way to re-invent a product and that is exactly what Mountain Safety Research…


Camp Wine

I fondly remember secretly lugging bottles of wine deep into the backcountry to impress the ladies during a freshly caught trout dinner. I not so fondly remember lugging the same damn bottle back out of the backcountry so as to…


Chaco Z1

UTM posted recently raving about his Keen sandals the other day, so it got me thinking about some of the gear that I dig. There are a few things that I dig and use almost daily, and I figured while…


Can Stove

Some, if not all of you, have at some time come across a can stove. Often called a beer can or soda can stove. The concept is simple. You take two aluminum cans cut the bottoms of off both, cut…


Chuck It!

Stop touching your dog's balls Sorry, I had to. Our dog, Rudy, has a fetch fetish. She'll chase down toys, balls, blankets, sticks and rocks. She's a working dog and is under the impression that tossing things at your feet…


The Complete Walker IV

  The quintessential gear guide, often referred to as the "Hikers Bible". Although gear evolves at a lightening fast pace, Colin Fletcher and Chip Rawlins do a great job of compiling a great resource for those that can't get enough…

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