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How Nature Benefits Mental Health

It can help both your mental and physical health by spending  time in green space or incorporating nature into your daily life.  Doing activities such as growing food or flowers, exercising outdoors or being around animals, for instance, can have a lot of  beneficial effects. Such as:  improve your mood reduce feelings of anger or stress help you take time out to relax improve your physical health improve your confidence  I love taking the time to be aware of all the lovely green spaces around me, even though I live in the  city. It always has a soothing  effect on me to  see the birds and squirrels. The power of nature…


UpaDowna’s Advent-ure Calendar

Check out UpaDowna’s sweet Advent-ure Calendar! This Advent, every day is an opportunity for a new adventure! Remember: an adventure a day, keeps the doctor away! Download your own copy of the advent-ure calendar here!  


Brilliant Bandanas

Here are a lot of ways to use a bandana, plus instructions on how to make a cooling bandana for those hot summer hikes! Download your own PDF with the links below! 180 Uses for a Bandana How to make…


Say hello to our new staff members!

If you didn't know, UpaDowna is a tiny but MIGHTY nonprofit with one full-time Executive Director, a handful of hourly staff members, a kick-ass volunteer board of directors and a BUNCH of BADASSADORS who volunteer to help when needed! UpaDowna…


Meet our Yetis!

After 12 years of having a yeti as our logo, we finally have him as a stuffed animal mascot! Meet Freddie, Betty, and Eddie the Yeti!! These Cute, stuffed yetis can be ordered from SherriTdesigns’s Etsy page located here They are…

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