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 Celastrina, the hops loving blue butterfly, has been given wings by Odell Brewing's release of this 7.5% ABV Saison bearing it's name. This light, bottle conditioned Saison features slight hints of banana and even slighter hints of clove and citrus that are capped with a wispy head that although it pours full at first it quickly dissipates. While the beer was just short of remarkable, the cause is anything but, you see the good folks at Odell have decided to donate $1 of every bottle sold to the Colorado Natural Heritage Program for research to find out more about the rare butterfly known as Celastrina Humulus.

This butterfly caught folks attention due to it's rarely in Colorado as well as the fact that it seems to love hops as much as our brewers do. Not much is known about the butterfly and so I will gladly drink this beer and maybe have another, if, for no other reason than to encourage the breweries to support things other than their own industry. Doing good for the sake of doing good is awesome!




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