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Chaco Dog Leash and Collar

DESCRIPTION: Dog Leash/Collar
MATERIAL: 1" Nylon Webbing
MSRP: $20

Leash laws…love them or hate them we all should obey them for the sake of other trail users. And since there are more than likely leash laws near you, finding the best leash for your pup is key. Gone are the days of limited leash choices, now walk in to any store that sells pet supplies and you will rapidly hit sensory overload with all of the colors and patterns, which is both a good and bad thing. For me it is horrible!! Too much going on with fancy patterns and sequins and fur. Yes, fur!?!?!? Fur on a leash or collar that will go on a furry critter?!?!? What is the world coming to???

OK enough about that. Leashes and collars are how we keep our beloved partners in crime, our co pilots, our confidants, and our best friends safe. They are also a signal to our pals that it’s time to party. When ever our dog Aster here’s us mulling around getting ready for an outing she quickly grater collar and presents it to us, so as to ensure that she is not left behind! Recently while looking for a great leash I was fortunate enough to find the Chaco dog leashes and collars. For years I have loved my Chaco sandals and what better way to further support those that support me than to check out another one of their products?

On first glance it is a leash, duh, thats what I was looking for so I am on the right track. The leash is, like many others a 1″ piece of colorful webbing that is adorned with designs much like the ones I find on my sandals, the buckle is a fairly robust plastic job that feels stout with out a ton of weight. Then things get interesting. Why is there a buckle on the leash? One one end it has a snap link for attaching the leash to the collar, but on this end?? OH crap now I get it. It is a belt of sorts for hands free action. Hmm who is walking who now? The last thing I need in my life is for my dog to finally know she is truly in charge by taking me for a walk!

The total leash is about 7′ long and while some length is lost to the belt, it is actually a really cool set up. One that you can use as a belt leash or as a normal leash. But to be honest I like to walk my dogs by holding the leash, my lovely wife, loves the belt. So it’s a win-win-win. (The last win is for the dog getting to go for walks looking stylish as hell.)

Lastly, I notice the true gem of this entire system, and it took an early morning walk to figure it out. Chaco loves me and my dog and I know this because they wove into the webbing several pieces of reflective string that easily reflects the light of the unaware drivers near me!

Into my little book of wins this goes!

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