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Chasin’ Freshies


Today's snowy stormy weather might have had some sort of influence on this week's pick for BOTW, but either way it sure is a good one. As I stood there in, as I said what might come to be the last snowstorm we see for awhile, I wasn't at all expecting what was about to happen next. I blanked out for a minute, looked into the distance, cleared my mind from all of the daily distractions, enjoyed the beauty of the natural world around me and started to sip on this refreshing beer.

As the beer hit my lips and annihilated my taste buds with a refreshing blast of zesty refreshing hops, I felt revitalized and I felt refreshed. Wow, I thought, this beer is not at all what I was expecting going into it completely blind. You see most of the time when doing BOTW I find a beer I've never had before (or at least I try to) and that I have little to no information on other than the style of beer and the brewery. And I have to say that this beer greatly stood out from the usual taste of an American Pale Ale. The immediate sensation of the sweet citrus hops at the front on the taste greeted me with the warmest of hellos and I knew we would be good friends for a long time to come, or at least until the final drink.

Chasin' Freshies pours to a bright golden translucent body with a full white head that quickly retreats back into the body. The aroma was full of life and very inviting on the pour. The taste as I mentioned earlier was nothing short of making a wonderful first impression. Where it packed a memorable taste on the front also carried over to the follow. As an IPA fan I was expecting a lot more of the usual bitterness associated with IPAs, but it wasn't found here. The sweet citrus mix of fruity flavors is what masks the bitter finish and stays present through the entire drink. What it might lack in the IBU bitterness it made up for in taste and also didn't lack in ABV, stacking up at 7.40%. The mouthfeel was very well balanced and smooth. The carbonation is at a great medium. The typical sticky feel follows after the taste but doesn't over power your palate. The fresh citrus zest of fruit flavors are the key to this mix and what left the definite impression on me.

Chasin' Freshies is a term commonly used by snowboarders and skiers referring to chasing fresh powder (snow) for beautiful soft and smooth virgin runs on the mountains. The same longing and passion can likely be found by beer lovers after pouring into this one. Winter or Summer this refreshing and great tasting brew will keep me chasin freshies all year round. 



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