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Chill Session


Chill Session was the perfect name for the perfect beer on this Sunday afternoon in June. The Chill Session Amber Ale holds a deep copper color accompanied by a thin white head that quickly fades away leading to a great tasting beer with a light yet slightly toasted malt flavor notes through out.

Cold summer ales, lagers, pilsners, and other crisp refreshing light beers make summer heat quickly fade and relaxation begin. On a warm day I wouldn't normally choose an Amber Ale as my go to refreshing summer drink. But in Chill Session's case, it just works. The balance and taste of this beer matched with it's crisp light feel are on point! It's surprisingly thin without a lot of thick retention clinging to the feel. The finish is easy and not much kick on the back end. Backing the relaxing feel of the Chill Session is an ABV of 4.7% rounding out this brew and sticking to its name sake.

I kept the growler cool in the creek as we hiked around today promising to be the perfect temperature on our return! With Chill Session in hand and my feet in the cool water of the creek made a great treat for this fine summer day, and made for some amazing trail magic!

Three Barrel Brewing Co. describes this beer as: "Sometimes you just want to sit back, chill and take it all in. We just put that in a bottle for a nice session!". I'd say that's a pretty fair statement. Job well done on the Chill Session Three Barrel!

For anyone out there looking for a summer beer with a light feel but want a little more body than the normal skinny summer seasonals, would likely enjoy the Chill Session. And while this small brewery may not be one you've heard of, they do have decent distribution through out Colorado liquor stores so I'm sure you can find some near you!



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