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Citra Pale Ale

SIZE: 19.2 oz
ABV: 5.9 %

Boulder, CO brewery Upslope has been taking the beer world by storm over the past year and their decision to can their Tap Room series is just another reason to love this brewery. By now you have no doubt heard about Upslope’s great beers, but unless you have frequented their tap rooms in Boulder, you have no clue about their Tap Room brews. Tap Room brews are part of a series of beers that until now have only been available in the brewhouse.

The first of the releases is this amazing Citra Pale ale, full of tart lemon and a sweet sticky start, this beer finishes mildly dry and only slightly bitter, in fact the hops are so fleetingly present I was wondering if this was an IPA going wrong! The beer will be released in line with their other canned beers and will come in a 19.2 oz can full of caramel yellow deliciousness, and with 5.9% ABV with a nice mellow 55 IBUs it will be an easy drinker too.

This beer was a gift from a buddy at the brewery and although I have probably had the majority of their beers this one caught me off guard with it’s delicate character and easy drinking-ness. The problem with this is that I chose to drink this at tree line approximately 11,950′ up the eastern slope of Pike’s Peak. And what this means is that ALL beers are delicious! So this review I am trying to tone down my memory of this sweet nectar, but I am certain that if nothing else it was a great beer and one well worth tracking down once it is released next week!

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