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Coconut Milk Stout

SIZE: 22oz
ABV: 4.6%


I mentioned in one of my previous reviews, but the Buena Vista/Salida area of Colorado is becoming one of my favorite places to spend weekends. It has everything I love in a weekend getaway, including:

  1. Rivers for fly-fishing
  2. Mountains for running, climbing, and snowboarding
  3. Woods for camping
  4. Breweries with amazing beer

One of those great breweries is Soulcraft. They made that amazing Green Chili Ale from a few weeks back, but they also make a handful of other stellar beers as well. I met up with Eric Ramsey, Soulcraft’s Marketing lead, a few weeks back and was able to get get a download of Soulcraft’s story.

A little over 2 years ago, Eric and three friends (the top three) had the dream of opening a brewery in downtown Salida that was down-to-earth, made good beer, and could be a place for the community to gather and host events. Now if that isn’t a good starting place for a brewery, I don’t know what is. Taking the dream and running with it, the four of them found a property downtown that worked perfectly for their idea. What was the property you ask? It was an old grocery store right in the heart of the town.

Contrary to they way HGTV show’s property restoration, remodeling a commercial property can be a serious project. Not only is there a lot to do, but it can cost an arm and a leg to even get someone to draw up plans, let alone do the work. Being both frugal and skilled gentlemen, the Soulcraft four decided to tackle the part of the project that they could themselves. Not only did they do the work themselves, but they did it in a really cool way. They used locally sourced scrap wood to make the tables and bar top and used the iron framing used to ship the fermenters to create the table legs and braces.

How cool is that? Next time you go visit their pub, remember that pretty much everything in the room was made by the founders themselves, then clink your glasses to their resourcefulness. Cheers, gentlemen, and well done!

Keep an eye out in the coming months for some fresh brew’s from them, as well as the potential of some can’s making their way out into the world (fingers crossed)!

Ok, enough about the brewery, on to the brew!

Coconut Milk Stout

My lactose sensitive self’s worst enemy, but totally worth it. Breaking (for me) they stereotype of milk stout’s being super mellow beers, the Coconut Milk Stout hit a deliciously good note with me.

As you can see, it is almost a pure black beer with a mocha latte colored head that hangs around for a while. It has smooth coconut smell with a hint of dark chocolate. There are delicious notes of coconut and chocolate that remind me of what I imagine a liquid Mound’s bar would taste like. Since Mounds bars are my favorite candy bar, I considered this a good thing. There is a particular sweetness to this profile as well, and I would guess that comes from the added lactose.

If you’re looking for clean, sweet, and creamy beer, I would highly recommend this brew!

That wraps up this weeks beer review, so until next time, get out there and unleash your adventure!


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