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Colorado Boy Pale Ale

SIZE: 32 Oz.
ABV: 5.8%

I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating America this weekend and had an amazing Independence Day! I had a hard time not being away in the mountains over the weekend, but I still ventured out to some local trails here in town. Now I’m back home scouting the next planning the next trail and enjoying some suds. Not a bad way to wrap up any weekend. A couple months back I took a quick trip out to the South West around the Four Corners area. On the way there I made a pit stop for lunch in Montrose Colorado, and that’s where I discovered Colorado Boy Pizzeria. More importantly once there I also discovered that Colorado Boy brews their own beer and to top that off they also can in house right off the tap! As if that wasn’t enough that canning line of theirs, yeah that’s not ordinary can, that’s a 32 oz. Cowboy Can!



Worth the trip and worth savoring, the Colorado Boy Pale Ale pours to a yellow looking copper color with a thin white head that quickly dissipates. An citrus flavor immediately meets your taste buds at the tell tale front of the drink. The carb and mouthfeel are a little on the softer side but balance out nicely with the bitter end of the drink. At 5.8% ABV the Colorado Boy Pale Ale isn’t going to knock you off your feet after one or two unless you’re a little, but if you’re looking for something with a little more of a punch behind it move over to the Colorado IPA or one of their Doubles. The Cowboy Can at 32 oz. is a great size beer and it’s more than awesome that these guys can them in that size and brew their own beer. I’ll definitely be putting this spot, Colorado Boy Pizzeria and Brewery on the map for any trips heading in the direction of Montrose. As good as this Cowboy Can of Pale Ale is, I’d rather get back to trip planning and drinking the rest of it than writing about it. It’s a big beer and quite tasty, get yours when you can, and stalk up!



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