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Colorado Springs Joy Ride- Costume ride & Bike Giveaway!

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This is it folks! The last "official" ride of the summer AND the bike giveaway COSTUME RIDE!!

For those of you (about 108 people) that are eligible, you have over 5 rides with us and you'll get one ticket for the first 5 rides, PLUS an additional ticket for every ride after that which INCREASE your chances of winning!! If you have only come 4 times, please come tonight! This ride could be your "ticket" to win!!!

Remember: costume ride! Feel free to dress up but leave things off of your face that could impede your vision! Also, be aware of long capes, tails, hair or other items that might get caught in a wheel. This is also a family friendly event so, save the crazy outfits for Denver Cruisers! 😉

Arrive early around 6, the ride leaves at 6:30pm SHARP! To qualify for a ticket to enter, you MUST ride with us. Sitting at the bar does not count. Waiver MUST be signed before you take off with us but you can always check in if you are a regular, after the ride.

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