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Contour GPS Video Camera

Adventures used to be memories where details fade and the epicness is never truly appreciated, that is until POV cameras such as the Contour line came around. Now everyone has the ability to look and feel like Billy Badass as you rip, shred, huck, and roll your way through your adventures. Ready, Camera, Action!

  • Lens Angle: 135°
  • Battery: Lithium Ion rechargable
  • Battery Life: 2-2.5 hrs (setting dependant!)
  • MSRP: $299

There comes a time in every adventurer's life when you realize you're not as bad ass as you once were…or ever was. And while that realization may not have come to pass yet, trust me it is coming. So when we watch all of the crazy ass videos of folks base jumping or hucking themselves off of ridiculous points both near and far we all want to be them, right? If not just for a second we all want to be in the limelight or at least to watch our own POV video of us screaming down the local single track feeling filled with more pride and awesomeness than we rightfully deserve. And what better way to accomplish this than to record it all on your very own HD camera? Yeah that's right there is no better way.

A few months back I got a Contour GPS camera and went to work trying to be awesome…and I failed. Now this is not the camera's fault, it is mine. You see cameras do not get tunnel vision, they don't get adrenaline rushes and they certainly don't record epic feats that in the end are nothing more than a bunny hop. But what they do allow is the ability to look at your experiences in crisp clear and surprisingly steady video. Add to that the GPS tracking feature and you have a great way to share your fun with all of your friends, and just in case you do nail the next big move, well, you can count on it being safely recorded and easily reviewed.

The Contour GPS is a great adventure camera that features a 135° lens that records in sick 1080p HD as well as tracking your moves with GPS technology. Every ride now has the ability for you to track it on Google maps as well as share your experiences via Contour's Storyteller software. These little cameras are so dialed that they can stand the abuse of a bit of mud and mist (full submersion is fatal) and if you want to check out what the camera is picking up they are even Bluetooth compatible so you can be sure you are getting the angle you want.

Contour must have known that adventure junkies that would jones for this technology are more prone to have A.D.D. and the occasional brain injury so they made it Barney style easy, just slide the large button on the top and you're recording! Now the camera comes with a 2GB micro sd card but I hear you can load the Contour GPS with up to 32GB which translates to 8 hours of you being lame, er, I mean rocking it!

All of the hook ups battery and settings are controlled through the rear hatch that you slide and latch closed.

The ability to easily mount the camera on just about any surface from helmets to handlebars and anything in between means that you have a bomber way to catch all of the action. Oh and did I forget to mention Bluetooth compatibility so you can further dial in the video?! Awesome! So if you are looking for something to take with you that is easily mountable to just about any surface and can ensure your tales of awesomeness are legit check Contour out!

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