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What is CORAD-20?

Does the word “Coronavirus” drive you crazy? Do you shiver when you hear “social distancing”?  Ease the COVID-19 community spread concerns with our “CORAD-20” adventures and activities. A term coined by our buddy @CaptureYourAdventure, CORAD-20 is a way for ColoRADans to stay strong, stay healthy, and fight anxiety and depression caused by the Coronavirus.

Many guidelines, closures, and social distancing norms are popping up around our communities and we encourage you to protect yourself and your loved ones by heeding the warnings of the CDC, state, and local health departments. However, if you choose to still be “out and about” while partaking in social (or more like physical) distancing and also the reduction of community spread, do so wisely. While UpaDowna has done it’s part to battle community spread by canceling or postponing our events, we still wanted to find a way to encourage, empower, and educate you about the outdoors (from a safe distance of course!)

It’s shown that exercising outdoors can reduce the chance of getting sick because you’re around less people, and we all know how beneficial the forest, Vitamin D, and recreating in nature can be!

If you choose to unleash your adventure:

  • Seek out less popular places to adventure
  • Stay 6ft away from strangers, especially from individuals who may be sick
  • Avoid touching handrails, shaking hands,  or using facilities in/near the park
  • Take hand sanitizer and Kleenexes,  just in case
  • Still continue to sneeze or cough in your inner elbow
  • Wash hands well when you get home

Ways to support local businesses:

  • Buy a gift card to use at a later time
  • Shop online or call in
  • Order delivery from local restaurants
  • Order ahead and pick up later
  • Spring Clean your garage and gear room, donate unwanted new and used outdoor items to Gearonimo Sports and Mountain Equipment Recyclers to help support UpaDowna
  • See more tips from Downtown Colorado Springs here
  • Support the Springs with this website


Try one, or many, of our CORAD-20 Activities to help easy the stress and anxiety of the coming weeks.

Activities updated frequently!

UpaDowna Related Adventures:

Outdoor Activities:

  • Take a hike! Try less populated parks/trails like Clear Spring Ranch in Fountain, Red Rocks Trail #612 in Woodland Park, or Aiken Canyon on HWY 115 (be sure they are still open to public) Use apps like COTREX, Hiking Project, All Trails and more to find new-to-you trails.
  • Buy a digital map from our friends at Pocket Pals Trail Maps
  • Go for a bike ride, or grab a FREE 24 hour pass from PikeRide. Simply download the Drop Mobility app on your smart phone to set up an account and then enter the code “COVID19”
  • Download this list and go bird watching
  • Get off the grid and go camping
  • Find a secluded spot in the forest and draw, color,  paint or work on your photography
  • Grab your family and explore the Pikes Peak Region with the Family Adventure Guide!
  • Do yoga in the park
  • Find a spot to hang a hammock (with proper tree precautions!) or better yet, use a car stand
  • Take Fido to a dog park so at least he can socialize!
  • Use what Mother Nature gives you: go sledding if its snowing, fly a kite if it’s windy, take a walk after it rains
  • Camp in the backyard with your kids
  • Go on a wildflower hike
  • Do the TOSC 20/20 Parks Challenge
  • Try some Shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing” by relaxing in nature and just. being. still.
  • Get your garden ready for spring and summer
  • Play Pokemon Go with your kids (at a safe distance from others)

Indoor Adventures:


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