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Core Concepts Sprint Zip Neck

Core Concepts Sprint Zip Neck core-1

Let’s face it, the reality of utilizing layering is only effective if we have somewhere to stash the layers as we peel them off. Personally I am not a big fan of the classic tie around the waist look or feel, and often I will either suffer through the activity either by leaving the layers on or starting with only minimal gear on. Now thanks to the “Zip, Flip and Stash” system pioneered by Core Concepts it is possible to shed layers and utilizing the built in zippered compartment in the back of the shirt you can stash the shirt and clip it around your waist in a manageable pouch. Now I have to admit it took a bit of practice to perfect the “Zip, Flip and Stash” while running but after a few tries I nailed it! As with anything you tie around you while running, cycling, etc… there is concern about the annoying bounce that usually accompanies it, fortunately the quick-drying, breathable Cocona® fabric is fairly light weight and hardly noticeable when stashed. core2

And if you happen to be one of those folks that likes to bust out a quick ride or run in the middle of a busy day the Cocona® fabric provides an amazing UPF 50 sun protection and due to the nature of the fabric it disperses moisture across the fibers so as to better facilitate drying. Couple this with the naturally antimicrobial material and stylish looks and you have a layering system that is just as suitable on the trail as around town. One word of advice, be sure to check the sleeve length I got a medium and they were a bit long, but maybe I just have stubby little arms! $60(

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